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A Project Publication

A new book edited by Russell Re Manning (with Michael Byrne) contains a revised version of a paper on emergence from science to religion by Philip Clayton. “The Emergence of Spirit: From Complexity to Anthropology to Theology” is Ch. 3. of Science and Religion in the Twenty-First Century. The Boyle Lectures at St Mary-le-Bow (London: SCM Press, 2013), pp. 40-58. This paper was originally delivered as the Boyle Lecture in 2006.

For more on the book, which also features chapters from John Polkinghorne, Juergen Moltmann, John F. Haught, Keith Ward, John Hedley Brooke, Simon Conway Morris, John Barrow, Malcolm Jeeves, and Celia Deane-Drummond, go to:  http://www.scmpress.co.uk/books/9780334045946/Science-and-Religion-in-the-Twenty-First-Century

More info about the Boyle Lectures, including the 2012 Lecture, to be delivered by John Polkinghorne on Monday 8 April, go to: http://www.stmarylebow.co.uk/#/boyle-lecture-2/4535373186